offers delicious meals, cooked in your home, that are personalized to your particular tastes and dietary needs. As a personal chef I help families sit down to wonderful healthy meals in little to no time. I give you back hours of free time that you had previously spent planning meals, having to shop at the grocery store, doing the cooking, and the dreaded cleanup. You will be eating meals made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives.

will meet with you for an initial free consultation. During this time I will get to know you, your dietary needs and your food preferences. After the consultation I will create a personalized menu for your approval. On the agreed-upon day I will shop for the freshest ingredients and bring them to your home, along with any necessary cooking supplies to prepare your meals. Your preservative-free meals will be placed in labeled containers and stored in your refrigerator and/or freezer. You will be left with meals for a week and a clean kitchen!


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